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  • PhD-SRF (August 2021 - till date)

  • Junior Research Fellow (August 2019 - August 2021)

  • M.Sc. Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University

  • Research Interest: Synergistic Photo-Organocatalysis, Asymmetric Synthesis of N-Heterocycles 

Yaseen Hussain



Electrochemical cascade synthesis of alfa-thio-substituted masked aldehydes.  D. Sharma, Y. Hussian, M. Sharma and P. Chauhan*, Green Chem. 2022,

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 4.52.51 PM.png

Stereoselective Oxidative Mannich Reaction of Ketones with Dihydrodibenzo-oxazepines via a Merger of Photoredox-/Electro-catalysis with Organocatalysis. Y. Hussian, D. Sharma, N. Kotwal, I. Kumar and P. Chauhan*, ChemSusChem 2022,


Asymmetric synthesis of cyclohexenone-fused isochromans via quinidine-catalysed domino peroxyhemiacetalization/oxa-Michael addition/desymmetrization sequence. Tamanna, Y. Hussain, D. Sharma and P. Chauhan*, J. Org. Chem.


Recent development in asymmetric organocatalytic domino reactions involving 1,6-addition as a key step. Y. Hussian, Tamanna, M. Sharma, A. Kumar and P. Chauhan*, Org. Chem. Front. Chem. 2022, 9, 572-592.


Catalytic Asymmetric Umpolung Reactions of Imines via 2-Azaallyl Anion Intermediates. Y. Hussian and P. Chauhan*, Org. Biomol. Chem. 202119, 4193-4212.

Y. Hussain and P. Chauhan
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