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Asymmetric Synthesis & Catalysis Research Group 

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Research Overview

The organic synthesis is highly important field as it serves as the central branch for the medicinal chemistry/drugs' synthesis, material sciences, chemical biology, environment, polymers and almost every branches of industrial chemistry. 

At IIT Jammu, our group focuses on the development of new catalytic asymmetric methodologies for the formation of C-C and C-X bonds via

                                          1. Organocatalysis 


                                          2. Photocatalysis 

                                          3. Electrocatalysis

                                          4. Synergistic/Cooperative Catalysis

Our research mainly targets the synthesis of new molecular entities in a highly asymmetric fashion, where the chiral small organic molecules (organocatalysts) play a vital role in the generation of stereogenic centres. The organocatalysis can be merged with photo- and electrocatalysis to develop the synergistic catalytic transformations. We are also doing asymmetric domino/cascade reactions for the stereo-controlled formation of multiple stereogenic centres. We are also interested in organic synthesis through mechano-chemical methods such as ball-milling. More specifically, currently we are working on asymmetry desymmetrization reactions and remote functionalizations via 1,6-addition reactions by using aminocatalysis, H-Bonding catalysis and NHC catalysis. We are also working on asymmetric synthesis of nitrogen hyterocycles via synergistic catalysis. One of our recent areas of research is the electrochemical stereoselective transformations and electrochemical synthesis of heterocycles.

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Picture 1.png


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